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Garena Free Fire: Shoot, Survive & Earn the Victory in the Battlefield

Garena Free Fire also is known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or naturally Free Fire. It is a free-to-play action game developed by Singapore-based digital service company Garena. A Beta version of Free Fire initially launched on September 30, 2017, and officially launched for both the IOS and Android devices on December 4, 2017. 

Two years after its initial launch, Garena Free Fire became the most downloaded game in Google Play Store. Free Fire was also a recipient of the “Best Popular Vote Game” by Google in the same year, boasting over $1 billion in revenue worldwide. 

Garena Free Fire follows the same basic gameplay mechanics seen in a battle royale game. The original concept of Free Fire allows 50 free fire gamers to battle it out in a sandbox environment. Moreover, Players who join the game immediately find themselves inside the plane that will fly over an island. Each player will have the discretion to jump whenever they want. 


Garena Free Fire

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After landing, the player must use his scavenging abilities to scour for supplies and weapons. The goal of the game is to eliminate each of the players and become the last man standing. Like most battle royale titles, Garena Free Fire comes with its own safe space that decreases over time. 

Today Garena Free Fire is not only available through mobile devices. As you may have noticed, an unblocked version of the game is now available. One example is the version available on this page. It allows Garena Free Fire game download for pc free of charge.

All About the Game: Garena Free PC

Garena Free Fire PC is the brainchild of 111 Dots Studio and published by Singaporean digital services company Garena. For those new to the companies, 111 Dots Studio is a Vietnam-based indie video game developer. Majorly, the developers are focused on developing online multiplayer games. Besides, 111 Dots Studio is already a famous video game developer in Vietnam before the concept of Free Fire came into fruition. 

Garena, on the other hand, is known for its engagement in gaming, eSports, eCommerce, and digital finance. Founded in 2009, Garena aims to provide a platform for online gaming and social platform for both casual and competitive gamers across the world. Thus, the name Garena is a combination or a portmanteau of Global Arena. 

This collaboration of two brilliant companies made Garena Free Fire what it is today; an overwhelmingly successful play-to-free title for both competitive and casual players. 

The Offline Gameplay Match

Garena Free Fire PC follows the basic principle common to most battle Royale games. This thing means that the game requires a stable internet connection to play. Garena Free Fire also employs the use of bots to boost or fill the quota of its player-per-round. Although this may be the case, the developer of Free Fire limits the number of these bots. 

This thing means that the number of bots alone is not enough to result in competitive offline experience. Moreover, an offline mode or version of the game defeats the purpose of real-time competitive battle experience between players across the globe.

Banning & Cheats

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire, like most battle royale games, imposes a strict rule when it comes to cheating. After all, it would not be suitable for other players who play fair. Fraud in the game will result in the banning of accounts. Cheaters in Garena Free Fire PC will eventually result in a permanent account ban, including the device used in playing the game (mobile device). 

On top of that, cheaters who are participating in a sponsored tournament are kicked-out automatically, including the offenders’ entire team. This thing is in line with the company’s policy that states: 

“We have zero-tolerance for any activity that undermines the integrity and fairness of our game.”

With that said, if you are planning to cheat in this game, then you better think twice before doing it.

Garena Free Fire Hack

In addition to the anti-cheat mechanisms embedded into the core gameplay structure of Garena Free Fire PC is the Anti-Hack system. Hacking, for the most part, is another way of cheating in the game. Compared to in-game cheaters, hacked accounts are far more rampant in the game. It leads to a regular update in the game’s database or anti-hack detection system. 

Since the inception of this system, the game has banned over 700,000 hacked accounts. As impressive as that may sound, Garena is true to its mission in providing a well-balanced, not to mention good experience for its players. On top of that, free fire players are also encouraged to use the in-game reporting system to report cheaters and hackers.

Playing Free Fire on PC

Garena Free Fire is now available for PC. So, those who want to experience the game on a bigger screen may do so through this page. As the unofficial page of Garena Free Fire, you can enjoy safe, balanced, and competitive gameplay at the comfort of your PC.  

Game Features

  • Fast-paced 50-man battle royale matches
  • Wide variety of characters to choose from
  • Play with a team of up to 4 players with voice chat
  • Shorter matches mean lesser boring moments
  • Plenty of deadly weapons based in real life
  • Free-to-play and download on PC!

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Check out these game screenshots.

Garena Free Fire Screenshot
Garena Free Fire Screenshot

Garena Free Fire: Shoot, Survive & Earn the Victory in the Battlefield