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Garena Free Fire game is the premier flagship game by Garena. It’s not as similar as you think to RoS: Rules of Survival (Netease Games), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Bluehole), Apex Legends (Respawn Entertainment) and Fortnite (Epic Games). To start it off, the game Free Fire is a quick battle royale game that concludes in just 10 minutes or less. And while the player count is only just up to 50, the game never feels boring (I’m looking at you, PUBG). But not only does Garena Free Fire have battle royale, but it also has a dedicated 4v4 team deathmatch too as well as an interactive lobby before jumping in the actual game.

Get to play Garena Free Fire game on PC today! And this time around, you won’t ever need the Garena client to play the game. All you need to do is download the installer here and you can play it directly onto your desktop.


Quick and Easy Battle Royale Matches

It has the same visuals as Rules of Survival, a similar map of PUBG’s Erangel and the pacing of Apex Legends. Combine them all, and you get Free Fire from Garena. The developer was also in charge of AOV: Arena of Valor – the MOBA game that rivals Mobile Legends. The game only takes 10 minutes or less to finish. That is because the map is smaller and the player count is lesser – up to just 50 players.

With that player count, that also means duos and quads will take a shorter time to complete. Still, if you hate waiting a lot (ehem, PUBG), and building (ehem, Fortnite), then Free Fire is your sure-fire game.


Choose from a Wide Array of Colorful Characters

You don’t just play some default blond or a generic customized character here. Instead, it’s just like Apex Legends but without the unique skills. You can either grind for them or buy them with microtransactions if you’re willing to become a whale in this game. Male, female, dragon, furry, whatever you want, Free Fire has. It doesn’t take itself seriously in the character department but the gameplay is no laughing matter.

Hayato, Rafael, Moco, Antonio, Caroline, Paloma, Maxim, Misha, Nikita, Kelly are one of the few characters you can play as. Use them anytime in both battle royale and in team deathmatch.


An Extraordinary Battle Royale Map

The map is anything but boring. Teleporters, exploding volcanoes, dangerous tornadoes, and heavy rain take toll in your fate to earn your rights as the last player standing. It is unpredictable as it is hazardous. If the players don’t kill you, the map will.


Garena Free Fire Game has Chockful of Weapons

Featuring real-life guns such as the M4, MP7, Berrelli shotgun, and Mosin Nagant, Garena Free Fire game takes combat on a more realistic level. The game doesn’t use hit scans but rather on bullet travels and bullet drops – much like Apex Legends. But if you feel like the game is a bit too serious when it comes to the weapons, you can always get the skins for each firearm. Some are flashy but cost money – real-life money. Unless you’re planning to invest in one particular gun all the time, I do suggest that you grind for the skins instead.


Other Game Modes in Garena Free Fire Game

If you’re tired of trying to survive in the battle royale map, there’s always the 4v4 mode that has two kinds of matches: demolition and deathmatch. This is a great change of pace that reminisce on classic shooters.

Additionally, the game also includes limited-time events that alter the original battle royale mode. Every October, you have horror themes and zombie modes. In December, you get to fight Santa Clause himself.

Also, the game has a training mode that lets you practice on each weapon and vehicle. You can also use this mode to get acquainted with the characters that you have. It’s also a good way to distance yourself from the fast action of the main game modes.


Garena Free Fire Game Controls Perfected for the PC

Now you don’t have to struggle with the touchscreen or even a Bluetooth controller if you can play Garena Free Fire game online on PC. The best thing about it is that you can use the mouse and keyboard controls. And while the UI will pretty much look like the premade keyboard and mouse layout from Bluestacks or NOX, we provide a direct port that you can play on the desktop immediately.  But if you’re not happy with the premade controls, you may always customize them with our own modded settings.


Crossplay with Mobile and Emulator Players

With this version, you can get to play the battle royale game with players on mobile and emulators. That way, matchmaking is fast and easy. No need to find players for just one platform. It’s the only free fire game that lets you play directly on PC.

Game Features

  • Fast-paced 50-man Battle Royale Matches
  • Wide Variety of Characters to Choose From
  • Play with a Team of up to 4 Players with Voice Chat
  • Shorter Matches Mean Lesser Boring Moments
  • Plenty of Deadly Weapons Based in Real Life

Download and Play Free Fire on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Free Fire Screenshot
Free Fire Screenshot

Play and Download FreeFire Now Available on PC & Mac FREE!