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Garena Free Fire – Global Expansion & Collaboration With One-Punch Man

Garena Free Fire is serious about trying to make this battle royale game a global brand. Its latest move is a collaboration with the well-known Japanese superhero franchise, One-Punch Man. This latest move follows the game’s recent collaboration with Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Garena Free Fire Saitama

The newest collaboration also follows Free Fire’s series of collaborations with famous people or franchises from different countries. The game already collaborated with American DJ KSHMR, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, and Brazilian D.J. Alok. And as long as the game is trying to brand itself as a global game, you can likely expect more collaborations with famous artists or franchises shortly.

But what will the latest collaboration bring? What can you expect from Free Fire’s first collaboration event that will come in 2021? Let’s discuss this further in this article.

Who is One-Punch Man?

Before we discuss the collaboration, let’s first talk about who One-Punch Man is. The real name of the character is Saitama, and he is a powerful superhero. He is so strong that he finishes off most enemies in just one punch, where the series got its title. Sadly, being super strong is not going well with Saitama.

He doesn’t have problems controlling his strength. His issue is that he is too strong. Thus he is very bored with his fights. He is always trying to find a strong opponent who can make the contest interesting for him. Unfortunately, he has yet to find one. One-Punch Man is a fun and entertaining series with lots of action and comedy scenes. It’s a hilarious series, especially if you consider Saitama’s nonchalant attitude whenever he faces enemies, no matter how scary or intense they look.

Saitama Free Fire Shooting

The great thing about the series is that Saitama also achieved his powers, not through experimentation, mutation, or other items. He just trained hard to the point where he was able to surpass the humanities’ limits. There’s also nothing special about him. He is not the most physically dominant, the most athletic, or the strongest.

Saitama is only a regular human who just trained and trained until he surpassed the limits that all humanity had. He even chooses to be a hero only as a hobby. But why choose One-Punch Man as a collaboration partner? Let’s discuss it further in the next section to see what One-Punch Man can bring.

Why Choose One-Punch Man for Collaboration?

You might be wondering why Garena Free Fire partner with One-Punch Man would? Well, One-Punch Man is a very popular anime/manga right now. What makes it well-known is its unique storyline where the protagonist is so strong that he becomes bored with his life. Instead of just trying to eradicate all the evil in the world, he is on a quest to find a powerful opponent.

Saitama Garena Free Fire

This comic series is widely popular, as even non-anime fans are familiar with Saitama. It also helps that his appearance is relatively simple but stands out. So Free Fire partnering with the One-Punch Man franchise is a right call, as they’re not only attracting the Japanese market but all anime lovers from all around the world. Now let’s look at what we can expect to see from this collaboration.

Garena Free Fire x One-Punch Man Collaborative Features

With the collaboration, fans of Free Fire can likely expect One-Punch Man-inspired content to grace the battle royale game. Though the developers didn’t give specific details, the new content will come in exclusive costumes, in-game items, and other collectibles. These will likely be costumes of Saitama and other popular characters from the One-Punch Man series. For articles, it will probably be several of the iconic weapons that were used in the series.

The collaboration can bring many different possibilities to the game, especially if you consider that the One-Punch Man series is more than just Saitama, as there are also a wide array of characters in the franchise. We will likely find out most of them once the developers release more details. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set timetable yet on when this new collaboration event will be available. It is likely to happen in early 2021 and will be the game’s first collaboration event of the year.

The best thing that we can do right now is to wait for the event’s announcement. Hopefully, the developers provide more details about the collaboration real soon to see what new things we can expect to come finally. For now, you can look for some how to play guide here on this site and improve your battle experience before the best hero in the world arrives!