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Garena Free Fire: Why Is The Game So Popular Online?

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Multiplayer battle royale shooting games like Garena Free Fire are top-rated right now because of their competitive nature. It’s a game where players can test their skills in, not only shooting but also strategizing and surviving. In battle royale games, you and other people are sent to a remote island where your goal is to be the sole survivor. This means that in this game, the goal is to mainly avoid getting killed.


But in order to survive you must  kill, sabotage and steal items to other players as well. What’s excellent about genre game like this is that it will usually start with players being armed with nothing but their fists. They will have to scour the island for weapons, armour, and items they can use to survive.

Garena Free Fire: Battle Royale Gameplay

The main attraction of battle royale games is with its shrinking playable area. If you’re familiar with it, it’s the primary cause how players become closer to each other and get to shoot someone first. There’s also a barrier in battle royale games that will damage and kill players if they stay too long and this tends to shrink as the game progresses. So, players must fight and survive in a smaller area on the map until it reaches a max point. But by the time that there are only a few players left, it’s time to fight and see who will be the last survivor. You can see why this game is top-rated because of its survival and competitive nature.


Now, if you’re looking for the excellent battle royale games to play, then one of the more popular games available is Garena Free Fire. The developers revealed last May that it achieved about 80 million daily active players. It even garnered more than $1 billion in revenue last November 2019, showing that you won’t have problems finding players to play within this game. But what makes Free Fire such a famous battle royale game? Let’s find out in this article.

Playable On Mid to Low Tier Smartphones

One of the most important reasons why Garena Free Fire is such a popular battle royale game is because everyone can play it. The game is available on mid to even low-tier smartphone devices compared to other well-known titles. This means that the game is accessible to almost everyone around the world who has a smartphone device, even the low-end ones. This gives Free Fire more possible players to play the game since more people own mid to low-end smartphones than higher and more expensive ones.

Garena Free Fire Offers Quick Matches

Another reason why Garena Free Fire is very popular is because of its quicker matches. Not many players will have a lot of time on their hands to play games. They will likely only have about 30 minutes to an hour available for gaming. With this game, that is already enough time to play several battle royale matches. Most matches would only last 10-20 minutes, and this is because matches would only have 50 players instead of the usual 100.


Maps are also smaller, so it’s easier for players to run into each other and for the barrier to completely cover the entire map. People who are looking to play several battle royale matches at the shortest possible time would usually turn to Garena Free Fire.

New Game Updates

It also helps that the developers are always coming up with new content and game modes for players to enjoy. They usually provide time-limited game modes to give the people something new and exciting to play with. Early this year, they had a Team Deathmatch mode, which is similar to the 4vs4 clash squad game mode.

Then recently, they have the Money Heist game mode for people to enjoy. Plus, they are also offering rewards like new weapon skins and new characters to unlock. This gives people reasons to always return to the game and see what new things the developers have in store.

That’s all for now! If you find these features exciting, then trying the game on your PC is the best option for now. Simply go into the download page of this site and experience the game with your friends. As everyone says, the more, the merrier. Shoot and earn the victory on your screens today!