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Garena Free Fire – What The Major Update Brings the Game

Battle royale games are very popular, especially for players who are looking for competitive multiplayer shooting action games. Garena Free Fire is one of the well-known and widely played games in this genre. What separates this game from other similar ones is that its matches are short and quick, considering only 50 players will be battling against each other. The game is also not very demanding when it comes to specs requirements.

This point makes it a popular option for people who only have low to mid-range devices since they won’t have trouble playing this game. As one of the popular battle royale games you can play, developers constantly provide updates to bring new things to the game. Recently, there’s a lot of major update in the game. Changes to certain game modes, updating guns, and adding a new character are made to experience a better gameplay. To know more details about this, let’s discuss it here in this post.

Garena Free Fire Chrono


Cristiano Ronaldo Plays as Chrono

Probably one of the most important updates that Garena Free Fire provided is that they added a new character in the game called Chrono. And this new character will get played by non-other than well-known football star Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s right, the popular striker who is also a 5-time Ballon d’Or winner. The character became available in the game just last December 13.

Based on the character’s description, Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe. His ability is the Time-Turner. This allows Chrono to a force field blocking 600 damage and increases movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds. While inside the force field, Chrono can still shoot at enemies, making it a fearsome ability and that’s only at its base-level. Allies within the force fields also get a 10% increase in movement speed and the ability has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

Several Weapons Will Be Updated

Aside from a new character coming in, Free Fire also brought massive updates to several weapons. The M4A1 now becomes more powerful as its damage increases , as well as its rate of fire and range. Its max recoil also decreases, as well as the time taken to recoil when you are moving. Another weapon that will get an improvement is the P90. The weapon’s damage is also increased and its recoil time is reduced, making it much easier for players to use this gun.

The SMG weapon, Vector, also gets an update. Players will now have the option to dual wield the weapon, which is the first weapon to get the dual wielding option. This would result in increased damage, but a reduced range. The advanced attachments will also be replaced by advanced weapons, which will spawn on various locations on the map. This thought makes looting for gear during games more enjoyable.

Free Fire Updates to the Training Ground

Training Ground will also get updates on Free Fire. Plus, a new mini game captures the match where players can earn Bermuda Shells, which is a new currency. This is to encourage players to participate more in mini-games and social activities. They can exchange the Bermuda Shells for fireworks to help celebrate with favorite friends and teammates. Aside from a new currency and item, the Music Arcade is now usable in the Training Grounds. The light will also gets adjusted on real-time lighting.

Surfboard Adjusted in Garena Free Fire


Adjust the Electric Surfboard Gameplay

Free Fire is also adjusting the gameplay of the Electric Surfboard. The developers are slowing its speed and adding cooldowns to reduce the gap slowing power of the surfboards. The added cooldowns will be for activating the surfboard, for jumping, and for speed boost This is because the mobility of the boards makes it harder for players to counter it. With these adjustments, no longer will the surfboard provide a massive advantage to players who have them.

Update to Free Fire Pass

The developer is also updating the Fire Pass, which is something that they haven’t done in a while. The update will be a new interface and an adjustment to the mission mechanisms. The new interface will allow players to easily see their mission progress during the season.

The mechanisms of the missions is also in the way that you would make it easier for players to level up their Fire Pass. The Veteran and Elite missions are now replaced with weekly missions. This is great, as it would allow players to easily earn rewards for reaching certain levels in their Fire Pass.

Other Updates

Other updates to Free Fire would include an entry in the main Lobby for the Rank mode. There’s also a feature where players can rotate the utility menu for easier configuration, and the ability to save 2 in-game HUDs for different game modes. You can also see Free Fire Partners in the game as they will have a very special in-game badge to wear.

The update also fixed some bugs like optimizing in-game tires and more! There’s more a lot of exciting things to discover in Free Fire with your friends. If you haven’t got any idea how to play the game, learn more here! Download and play the Free Fire on your PC today.