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Garena Free Fire: Tips On How To Rank Up Best In The Online Match

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Ranking up in battle royale games are usually not that easy to do, considering how hard it is to win matches. Garena Free Fire is no different in that regard as trying to rank can be difficult, especially as you reach the higher ranks. You likely won’t have trouble getting to Platinum or even Diamond rank, especially if you’re someone who already played battle royale games before.

But getting to Heroic and the highest rank, Grand Master, will be the most challenging part. This is mainly because the players you go against play much better as you rank up. This means winning, or even doing well during matches, becomes more challenging. But why would you want to rank up? Well once the season is over, players receive rewards depending on their rankings.


The higher the rank the better the reward. And besides, achieving the higher ranks is also a sense of accomplishment and will let you know that you are one of the top players in Free Fire. But how do you rank faster in this game? What’s the best way to rank up? This article will discuss some tips on how you can better rank up in Garena Free Fire.

Tips On How To Rank Up Quicker in Garena Free Fire

To quickly rank up in Garena Free Fire, you will need to win as much as possible. But that becomes harder as you progress further. We’ve come up with some guides to help you claim the victory with your friends faster than ever. Look for more information below.



Try To Play More Duo or Squad

In certain situations, going solo might be the best idea, especially if you’re a really good player. However, that is not always the case, especially as you rank up since matches become harder. In that scenario, playing squad or duo is better since you will have teammates to rely on. Of course, it’s best that you only play ranked with people you can trust. Don’t try to play ranked with random players since that’s a recipe for losing.

Don’t Always Go for the Kill in Garena Free Fire

Ranked matches are usually serious matches, so it’s important that you exercise patience and don’t always go for the kill. Most players would be more strategic and careful when they go for kills, so don’t be like Rambo or a cowboy and just start rushing in without a plan. You will just get yourself killed early with that kind of strategy.



Stay at the Edge of the Playable Circle

It’s important to remember that the goal in ranked matches is to win, first and foremost, everything else is just secondary. This means that your strategy should be more focused on surviving and winning. One strategy that can help you, at least get towards the end-game is to stay at the edge of the playable circle. Doing this means that you get to avoid most of the action, which usually happens at the center of the circle, as people try to get the best hiding spot to wait. Just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings since there might still be some action at the edge of the circle.

Choose the Right Character in Garena Free Fire

The great thing about Garena Free Fire is that there are different characters with abilities for you to use. These abilities can provide you with an edge in matches, especially if you choose ones that play more to your strength. For example, Jai is a character that reloads your AR, pistol, and SMG by 10% of its capacity. This matter allows you to have more bullets when facing many enemies without the need to reload.

Another is Wolfrahh, who decreases headshot damage by 3% and increases limb damage delivered to enemies by up to 15%. That means you won’t easily die from headshots and can deal more damage to enemies. Making use of the right character in ranked matches can be the difference between winning and losing.



Be Good at Using Various Weapons

Finding the right weapons in a battle royale game is not easy to do. Instead of trying your best to find the right weapon, it’s much better if you familiarize yourself with several weapons. In this way, you are more flexible and can survive and even thrive, regardless of the weapon you equipped.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow to help you rank in the game. Keep in mind that these tips won’t guarantee a victory. But it will increase your chances of winning. Enter a battlefield where there is only one winner. Download Garena Free Free on PC and play the game at the comfort of your home.