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Garena Free Fire – The Details Around Project Cobra

One of the most popular battle royale games you can play right now is Garena Free Fire. Millions of people from all over the world have already downloaded this title and that number continues to increase. One of the main reasons why players stick around is that developers always bring new content to the game. Well, in early February 2021, the developers released another major update.

This update is called Project Cobra and brings in new content and features. It’s another great addition that gives Free Fire players plenty of new things to enjoy in the game. But what can you expect when you play Garena Free Fire – The Cobra? What new features and content does this upgrade bring to this popular battle royale game? Let’s discuss these things in this article.

New Features Added In Clash Squad

Garena Free Fire has a knack for adding new features and collaborations. In fact, one of the latest content that comes to the game is the Rank Season 5 of Clash Squad. The new season began on February 5th and will last up to April 14th. A new rank season means players will have another chance to win exclusive rewards. The best reward you can get here is the Golden MP5. Players can acquire it if they reach Gold III rank or higher.

In Season 4, the developers adjusted the store and now they are adjusting it again with the Project Cobra update. A new store system is being introduced for Season 5 and it’s the map-based shop. What this means is that players will be able to activate different kinds of shops depending on their current map. This will allow players to have their favorite weapons available when they play Clash Squad.

Garena Free Fire Update

The update will currently have two map-based shops available. They are Bermuda / Bermuda Remastered Store and the Kalahari Store. Aside from changes to the map, a new item called Mystery Box is also introduced. This is an item that allows the losing team to fight back by allowing the buyer to acquire special items. Players are given three special items inside Mystery Boxes and they can choose one to bring to the game.

Additional Content For Battle Royale

Aside from the Clash Squad, the Project Cobra update also brings new things to its core gameplay Battle Royale. . The update will be bringing adjustments to the game’s vending machine. One of them would be the price of items and objects on the machine. They will be adjusted based on their performance, which means some items will increase in prices while others will drop. The developers will also increase the tokens players can get so the vending machines will be used more frequently.

New items are also coming to the Battle Royale game mode. Primarily, the UAV Lite or the Persona UAV will now be available in both Classic and Ranked games. It’s a utility item that can help scan the surrounding area to see nearby enemies. It can also be purchased at the vending machine. Another new item is the War Chest, which will make looting easier on the battlefield.

Garena Free Fire Cobra

The last new item is the Revival Card, which will allow you to be re-deployed back on the field. You don’t have to worry about dying as you can be revived as long as you have one teammate standing. They just need to purchase the Revival Card in the vending machine and all dead teammates can return. The new Revive System is only available in Classic games. The revival points on the map are located in places with minimal cover. Players will have to be careful when they’re reviving their allies.

Adjustments To The Training Grounds

The Training Grounds also gets an adjustment with the map and the store. For the map, the Training Grounds will be moved to the new Island – Batou. New minigames are added like Bunny Race, the New Shooting Range, Ferris Wheel, Gloo Wall Training, and esports Hall of Fame. There’s also a race track that players can use. For the store, new items will be added. Players can now purchase the Fancy Hammer and Giant Dice.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, Project Cobra will also bring new firearms. It includes the new MAG-7 shotgun, which is available in Classic and Clash Squad. The Vector weapon is also being nerfed because of how good it is performing. Its damage, accuracy, and range are nerfed. Other nerfed weapons include the M1887, PARAFAL, Woodpecker, and SVD. Of course, some weapons are buffed like the Groza, M249, UMP, and M1014. The FF Knife is also available in both the casual and ranked Classic mode. Players will now have the option to use the throwing knife as the main weapon.

Join the action-packed shootout in Garena Free Fire’s Project Cobra. The new features and content make it the perfect time to play the game on PC. You can hit up the download button on the page to begin your journey!