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Garena Free Fire – Pet Beaston Global Release & Latest Updates

The last time Garena Free Fire had a pet was back when Falco was released. If you are into pets in this crazy battle royale game, then you have more than enough reasons to get excited for the new animal to join the field: Beaston. Read more below for more details.

Beaston – Latest Pet

Beaston is a monkey that specializes in grenades. Yes, a monkey that knows its explosives well. It’s the latest pet in Garena Free Fire that mainly focuses on throwable items like the Molotov, Flash, or Hand Grenade. Not only does he look intimidating, but he is quite a reliable pet too, especially for offensive purposes.

Garena Free Fire Beaston

His skill is labeled “Helping Hand,” which enhances your throwing distance of all types of grenades. The distance increases to 10% (at level 1) and up to a maximum of 30% (at max level). Beaston will also have an alternative outfit called Great White Beaston, which gives him a baboon palette.

For many ranked players, this pet is going to be a miracle as the game’s throwing mechanics are quite impressive, especially if you compare it to PUBG, Fortnite, CoD Warzone, and even Apex Legends. Not only will Beaston make grenades more reliable but make them very dangerous tools as well, especially with the longer throwing distance and larger radius.

How to Claim Beaston

Once you top up 140 diamonds to your account, Garena will give you Beaston. This initially applied in the Indonesian servers but was then tagged along with the rest of the regions. It is one of the easiest ways to acquire the pet, but Garena has not said a word yet regarding the claim of Beaston for F2P players.

Comparing to Other Pets

The other pets may seem like gimmicks, but they are quite handy utilities, especially if you take Garena Free Fire seriously. Shiba, Spirit Fox, and Ottero provide some small buffs for your character.

Are they necessary in the game? Not at all. In fact, they’re not that much of a pay to win scheme either. Even if Beaston may seem like an overpowered pet, that still doesn’t mean that the grenades will become a must-have now for everybody that owns Beaston.

More Pets to Acquire in Garena Free Fire

Aside from Beaston, let’s check out the other existing pets in the game.


Ottero was one of the first pets released in Garena Free Fire. This swagger otter has a skill labeled Double Blubber, a skill that allows you to recover EP while using the Med Kit or a Treatment Gun. The overall acquisition of EP is 35% of your total health. At max level, the percentage caps at a maximum of 50%, making it an essential pet for healers.

Garena Free Fire Poring



Poring is not just a Garena mascot, it also provides some small patches, especially if you focus on defenses. It has a skill called Stitch and Patch that gradually improves your level 1 armor and helmet every 3 seconds in the game. That means if your armor is damaged, it will self-fix immediately every 3 seconds.

At max level, Poring’s durability cooldown decreases to 2 seconds and also prevents your level 2 armor and helmet from deterioration. It’s a mandatory pet if you do not plan on frequently swapping your armor.


This robotic weeb with neko ears has a skill called Wall Reinforcement, adding a shield to your Gloo Wall that gives you plus 60 health. At max level, the shield gives you plus 80 health.

Spirit Fox

Amaterasu has the Well Fed skill, which gives you a bonus of 4 HP when you use a health pack. At max level, it increases to 7 HP.


This doggo doggerino has a skill called Mushroom Sense, which marks locations of mushrooms around the map every 2:30 minutes. This pet’s skill lasts for up to 30 seconds. Moreover, the cooldown decreases to 2:15 minutes at maximum level.

Night Panther

The Night Panther’s Weight Training Skill increases your item space to 15 and up to 30 when at max level.

Detective Panda

Its skill, Panda’s Blessing, gives you 4 HP lifesteal every time you get a kill. It stacks up to 7 HP at a max skill.

Cosmetic Only Pets

Kitty and Mechanical Pup do absolutely nothing but just look cute. The devs even added levels for them by doing nothing at all, which is kind of funny.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, pets can hold an advantage if you use them to buffer your character or for utilities. However, when choosing a pet, make sure that it fits your playstyle so you can use them wisely to your advantage.

If you want to get a pet for your character, make sure to play Garena Free Fire on PC today. You can also check out our playing guide if it’s your first time playing the game.