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Garena Free Fire – Attack On Titan Collab Brings New Content

One of the most popular battle royale shooting games that you can play right now is Garena Free Fire. And one of the most trending anime as of this writing is Attack on Titan. It would be great to see if these two bring new content to the battle royale game. You’ll have two of the most prominent figures in their respective markets. Garena Free Fire has millions of players worldwide, while Attack on Titan is one of the most-watched anime in the world. Well, it looks like you won’t have to wait that long to see the partnership.

Garena has announced they formed a global partnership with Kodansha. This would result in bringing Attack on Titan to Free Fire. This move coincides with Garena’s strategy of partnering with global icons to make the battle royale game more interesting. This is the second time Garena partnered with a popular anime series. But what kind of partnership will they have? Let’s discuss this in more detail in this article.

The Garena Free Fire-AoT Partnership

Let’s first talk about the likely reason why Garena Free Fire partnered with Attack on Titan. The developers of this popular battle royale game have been on a mission to increase their player-base. This is why the developer has been partnering with various popular figures and franchises.

The developers have already partnered with Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, Vietnam singer Son Tung M-TP, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, Brazilian DJ Alok, and American DJ KSHMR. As mentioned earlier, Garena has also partnered before with another popular anime in One-Punch Man. Now, Attack on Titan is the latest global partner of this battle royale game. And it’s a great opportunity for the company since the anime series is trending right now.

New Collaborations Mean New Content

No specific details were provided during the announcement, but several hints were given. For one, the game will likely get Attack on Titan-themed content. This means that there will be skins that players will recognize coming from the anime. Players will wear Survey Corps uniforms or probably sport a titan look. This would add great excitement to the game, enhancing players’ gaming experience.

Garena Free Fire AoT

Aside from player skins, it’s also likely we will see weapon skins that are also themed after the anime. A gun skin might take on the appearance of the Colossal Titan. You might even get a Survey Corps-themed firearm. It’s also possible for new weapons to be introduced in the game. It would be great to see the ODM gear act as a melee weapon for Free Fire matches.

Eren Yeager and other popular characters may become available for use. In fact, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see an Attack on Titan game mode in Garena Free Fire.

The Timeline of the AoT Collaboration

There was no exact date given as to when the collaboration will become available. However, Garena did say that players can expect it to arrive in March 2021. So the exciting collab is just a month’s away from now. It’s also very possible for the developer to release more details about this partnership soon. So stay tuned for more updates regarding the collaboration.

Garena Free Fire Collab

In the meantime, you can enjoy the game’s latest update Project Cobra. It brings in tons of new features and content that’ll surely get you hooked on for hours. Level up your shooting game by participating in ranked matches as you try to reach the Golden MP5 reward. Then take a break by playing mini-games in the Batou Training Grounds. You’ll never run out of awesome content in Garena Free Fire.

Succeeding Through Partnerships

Collaborations are an effective way for developers to stake their claim in the gaming industry. Successful partnerships mean people are interested in your game that they’re willing to invest in it. In return, you get to broaden your player base from shooter fans to anime fans. If you’re the kind of developer that’s able to deliver content through collaborations, then you’re pretty much on the way to success.

Garena Free Fire’s success in gaining partnerships with two anime series is a testament to their success. It shows that they’re serious about earning a prestigious spot in the global gaming industry. Its latest partnership with the currently popular and trending anime, Attack on Titan proves that. This move follows the pattern that the developers have been taking since 2019 to increase the battle royale game’s reach. It’s a tried-and-tested method, especially for free-to-play online games.

If you haven’t tried Garena Free Fire, then now’s a great time to start. Apart from the major collaboration event coming in March, it already has some neat updates up and running. Join the battle-royale action by playing this awesome title on PC. Climb the ranks and become the most formidable shooter on the battlefield!