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Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Exciting Collaborations in 2021

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that stood the test of time despite the trend of the royale sub-genre dying down since 2018. Free Fire is, to this day, one of the biggest battle royale games in Southeast Asia and South Asia, with over millions of players every day. Unsurprisingly, this means free exposure to various media, including music, TV shows, and other games. 2021 is shaking up to be a grand festivity of high-profile collaborations for Garena Free Fire. Let’s check each of them one by one.

1. Free Fire x Son Tung M-TP

First on the list is Free Fire’s collaboration with Son Tung M-TP. For the Vietnamese audience, Son Tung M-TP is a popular local singer, songwriter, and actor. Moreover, this event is only exclusive to the Vietnamese players on their own servers.

If you never knew, Vietnam is one of the largest player bases for Free Fire, which comes as no surprise that they made an exclusive event just for them. So, what is in it for them? They get to bring home exclusive emotes, a surfboard, and various vehicle skins, which they can get for free. Unfortunately, there is no news yet if this event will also become available globally.

This event happened last January, and leaks suggest that a new character for OB26 is coming out based on him. This new character is named Skyler.

2. Free Fire x McLaren

McLaren Racing Limited is one of the most popular motor racing teams in motorsports. This British organization from Woking, England, thought it was a good idea to collaborate with Free Fire. Why the collab, you ask? We do not know either. But surely, there will be some wild skins for both weapons and vehicles (ESPECIALLY the vehicles).

We might also see a character that carries a racing theme along in the game. However, time will tell if it is true because Garena has been keeping this collaboration a hush-hush situation. Furthermore, there is no confirmed date yet, except that it gets a release within mid-2021.


Garena Free Fire Attack on Titan

Source: Freefirenews YouTube Channel


3. Free Fire x Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan (also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan) is one of the most popular manga and anime titles right now. With its fourth and final season airing as of this writing, Garena is in perfect timing to keep up with the hype. And so, thousands of players are quite happy with this collaboration.

This collaboration is also one of the biggest and highest budget collaborations ever in Free Fire. In fact, it almost tops up with the recent One Punch Man limited-time event. There will be a couple of legendary skins for the M1014 automatic shotgun and the P90 submachine game, wrapped in Titan and Scout Corps fashion.

Will we see high-octane grapples and attacking against giant titans? Yes, there is. Garena confirmed that there will be a brand-new game mode that you can only experience once. So, if you have not installed the game yet nor have you played it and seem hyped about this upcoming event, now is the perfect time to do so.

For heavy AOT and Free Fire fans, this collaboration event is heaven-sent. However, it would be interesting if we saw Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the rest of the squad in the game holding assault rifles and shotguns instead of their ODM gears.

4. Free Fire x Randy Orton

This event is a rather unexpected collaboration because who would ever think that wrestling could fit in an Asian battle royale game? Not to mention that this event features one of the most popular WWE superstars today, Randy “The Legend Killer” Orton.

Leaks have shown that in this collaboration, there will be a new Spawn Island along with an MMA-style fighting arena, sealed with Randy Orton’s COBRA insignia. Apart from that, there will also be emotes based on his style and probably an RKO finisher somewhere.


Garena Free Fire Demon Slayer Collab


5. Free Fire x Demon Slayer

Now, before you scream at such a collaboration, take note that this event will only occur in Thailand. However, it is yet to be confirmed if there will be a global event for one of the new generation’s most popular anime shows: Demon Slayer (also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan).

This event could be the next big thing since the Attack on Titan event. Moreover, it is rumored that players will get plenty of real-life merchandise, as well as an exclusive battle pass when upon its release. What’s more, players get to have huge game cosmetics such as the Demon Slayer Corp skins, elemental skins for the weapons and vehicles, and a demon-slaying event.

Are You Hyped for These Events?

Who knew that a game such as Garena Free Fire could make such huge events as big as Fortnite and Rules of Survival? Well, it just shows how competitive their marketing is and how massive the game is, with plenty of active players keeping the game alive.

Don’t want to miss these exciting collaboration events? Make sure to play Garena Free Fire on PC now. You can download Garena Free Fire for PC for free on this page. Don’t forget to check our playing guide to know more on how to get it on PC.