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Garena Free Fire PC is an ever-developing game. This means that the game regularly receives content updates. These updates include bug fixes, improvements, and new content. Some of these contents include new characters, weapons, costumes and so much more. Also, these updates include additional improvements to the game’s anti-hack systems. That said, check out the latest patch notes from the latest update below for more details.

Garena Free Fire Anti-Hack Measures

The developers started to take actions against hackers through banning accounts and devices. This action managed the Free Fire gamers to have zero access to the gameplay. Thus, the makers of the game instill that they won’t stop and observe more cheaters along with the new.

Additional Anti-hack Systems

Also, they added an additional anti-hack system to ensure that each player would not get any VIP treatment. Moreover, they guaranteed to all the players that the game itself has a zero-tolerance policy in opposition to the hackers. Lastly, the team will not lift the bans no matter what happens at any time.

Clash Squad

    • Rank Season 1 – The Beginning
    • Season Starts 06/04 17:00 GMT+8

Improved Garena Free Fire PC Features

Additionally, the management also mentioned the new improvement coming along the way. As they have received tons of suggestions and feedback, they are happy to add new features. This matter can enable each free fire gamers and users to enjoy the game more and give them a memorable gameplay experience. So, if you are one of those players who usually go AFK’s (Away from Keyboard) or likes to go offline during game, this might be your end. Besides, the management also implied that the new features will make each player work hard and climb up the ladder. So, this might be an end of the previous game era.

See below the updated and upcoming patch for the game here:

  • Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking pool.
  • Added a new leaderboard for Kills and Winrate.
  • Added career performance page for Clash Squad in player’s profile
  • Players will be banned temporarily from Clash Squad (Ranked) if they leave in the middle of the match too often.
  • The bot will take control over disconnected / AFK teammates.
  • Season Reward: The Golden Eagle will be available for players who reach Gold III.
  • Season 1 duration: 06/04 17:00~07/29 12:00.

Nevertheless, are you excited about playing the game as well? Take on to a journey and download Free Fire PC now! Start creating an adventure of a lifetime now! It’s now or never! Share the good news with your friends.