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Garena Free Fire: Is it better than PUBG?


If you’re a big fan of playing battle-royale and multiplayer games, you might know other similar matches than the garena free fire. Seemingly, one of the biggest and popular events worldwide right now is PUBG. For instance, some players and users of both games (PUBG and Free fire) have been comparing the two base on gameplay, visuals, and features. While there may be a lot of comparabilities, take a look at what’s the real deal between the PUBG and the Free Fire itself. 


The Basic Gameplay of Garena Free Fire and PUBG

Both of the games have the same goal; to win the match and be the last man standing on the battleground. Initially, players need to search for materials, weapons, and loots to get ahead to the game and kill the opponents in an instant. Usually, the items are in every place and corner of the beach house located on the battlefield. Sometimes, you can even discover unique items such as guns, grenades, and healing tools. Both games capture the values of endurance and patience until the end. However, PUBG and Garena Free entirely differs in some aspect of the match. And, this might be the reason why some players have to conclude that playing PUBG is better than the latter. 


Weapons and In-game items

In terms of collecting your weapons, PUBG has a wider variety of items to gather. Thirty-five ammunitions awaits you as you pass through the battlegrounds of PUBG. On the other hand, Free fire offers the same range of weapons but with fewer numbers. Also, PUBG has a more massive battlefield as compared to Free Fire. So, you might be able to see your opponent and kill them in no time. In PUBG, you might need to instil a lot of patience as determination is a real part of the game. 

Now, this is where Garena Free Fire wins. The gameplay of Garena Free Fire comes with great skins and a smooth match process. You can even customize your character with a lot of features that landed on you. Moreover, the game seems to run more comfortable than playing PUBG.



Well, if you’re planning to switch to playing Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, you can try Garena Free Fire as a start. Plus, though PUBG has a vast world to conquer, it might be effortless for you to win in Garena Free Fire. Besides, many free fire gamers like the game than PUBG. If you think this post convinced you now, you can start searching and looking for Free Fire Game Download for PC and start sharing the news with your friends. Perhaps, the game awaits you now. Be the last man standing and win the fight in Garena Free Fire!